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Hot Melt Units

KB50 Hot Melt Unit

Adhesive Brokers offers a complete line hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment.  Our products are compatible with and, in most cases, are improved versions of the original OEM application equipment and parts used today.   IF IT DOESN'T IMPROVE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS OR SAVE YOU MONEY, RETURN IT BACK TO US.  OUR PARTS AND EQUIPMENT COME WITH A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!!

LS10 Hot Melt Unit LS10

This reliable, all electric hot melt application system is ideal for reliable packaging and product assembly applications.  The LS10's unique design and efficient applicator offers a fast and economical alternative to conventional packaging and foam tapes, slow-setting cold glues and costly metal fasteners.

SS10 Hot Melt Unit SS10

The SS 10 hot melt applicator is designed with a constant speed, direct-drive motor / pump combination, and an adjustable output control perfect for those high demand / high quality application requirements..  This unique and  reliable melt unit holds 10 pounds adhesive reservoir and  the cylindrical, Teflon-lined tank design virtually eliminates any possibility of char build up!  Also equipped with an integrated melt fin designed to ensure consistent adhesive flow throughout the unit.

AP30 Hot Melt Unit AP30

The AP30 adhesive application unit is ruggedly designed for a wide range of adhesive and sealant applications.  With a reservoir capacity of 30 lbs (13.6kg), this unit is perfect for hot melt pillow, pellets, slats and other bulk adhesive forms and faster melt rates.  The AP 30's unique temperature characteristics allows the unit to concentrate heat at the tank bottom while maintaining cooler temperatures at the top of the reservoir; minimizing adhesive degradation, charring, foreign matter accumulation and the maintenance costs associated with lower quality application units

AP50 Hot Melt Unit AP50

The AP50 Melt Unit is a larger version of the AP 30 with the same unique design and features.  With a capacity of 50 lbs (22.7 kg) in the unit reservoir, this unit is perfect for high-demand spray and extrusion applications.    Perfect for product assembly and high-volume packaging applications!

D215 Hot Melt Unit D215

The D2-15 hot melt unit is designed with a constant speed, directed-drive motor/pump combination similar to the SS 10, but with an adjustable output.  This extremely reliable unit holds 15 pounds of adhesive in the reservoir and it's cylindrical tank design virtually eliminates any possibility of char build up.  The D2-15 is also equipped with an integrated, no-fin designed to ensure consistent pump rates and even adhesive flow due to the efficient,  flow-grid design.  Capable of two hose and two applicators hook-up;  simple-to-operate temperature control and convenient alarm settings and features  to ensure all zones are running properly and efficiently

KB50 Hot Melt Unit KB50

This a versatile melt unit is designed for rugged use in a wide range of adhesive and sealant applications similar to the AP application unit line.  Simple and practical features make it the most reliable melt unit available anywhere!  The KB 50 holds up to 50 pounds of hotmelt adhesive in it's reservoir and is perfect for bulk adhesive forms such as pellets, slats, saucers and co-extruded forms (pillows, sausage packs and blocks).  The unique tank shape is designed to minimize adhesive degradation, oxidation and adhesive contamination due to foreign matter (corrugated fines and dust). .  A finned, melt grid optimizes heat transfer to the adhesive reservoir; allowing efficient adhesive application and elimination of  hot spotting problems.  A motor driven gear pump dispenses the molten hotmelt intermittently or continuously , allowing the most efficient adhesive application possible.

KB100 Hot Melt Uni KB100

The KB 100 melt unit is designed for rugged use in a wide range of adhesive and sealant applications.  Simple, practical features make it the most reliable melt units available.  The KB 100 holds up to 100 pounds of hotmelt adhesive in the form of pellets, slabs, pillows or bulk. The unique tank shape is designed to minimize adhesive degradation.  A finned, melt grid optimizes heat transfer to the he said as it moves into the pump inlet, eliminating hot spotting problem.  A motor driven gear pump dispenses the molten hotmelt intermittently or continuously two as many as two headed delivery hoses and handgun automatic dispensing heads.

KS20 Hot Melt Unit KS20

The Trine KS20 is a medium-duty machine with features allowing for efficient melting, pumping and application of thin-viscosity, labeling adhesive applications, Designed for use with a Trine model 4500 labeler,  This unit consists of a heated hotmelt tank, a motor-driven, positive displacement and thermostat temperature control features perfect for high-speed applications.  The KS 20 is all electric and accepts granular, flake,  block or other co-extruded adhesive forms.  Beverage, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy, and nutritional product industries; The Trine roll-up fed labeling systems have industry-proven versatility and savings with its adhesive supply unit.   Available new or on the exchange program; depending on your budge

KB50-100 Combined KB50-100 Combined

The KB50 and KB100 hotmelt units may be combined to allow maximum adhesive storage, melting, pumping, temperature-control and output.   With their simplistic design and efficient, dual-temperature controlled adhesive reservoir, these units are perfect for high-demand extrusion and spray applications.   

Butyl Systems Butyl Systems

Let our full-service adhesive and equipment technicians handle all your support needs. We have technical support, repair service, and replacement parts for your existing hotmelt machines and the perfect solutions for your application equipment needs. Adhesive Brokers offers three different sized machines for applying hotmelt butyl.  Call us today and let us help you find the right system for you!


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