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Hot Melt

Low Temp PackagingHot melt adhesive for industrial applications is one of our specialties!  Find out how Adhesive Brokers can assist you with your specific requirements for packaging, labeling, laminating or assembling. 

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Hot Melt Units

KB50 Hot Melt Unit

Adhesive Brokers offers a complete line hot melt adhesive dispensing equipment.  Our products are compatible with and, in most cases, are improved versions of the original OEM application equipment and parts used today.   IF IT DOESN'T IMPROVE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS OR SAVE YOU MONEY, RETURN IT BACK TO US.  OUR PARTS AND EQUIPMENT COME WITH A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!!

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Nordson Units

Nordson New & Reconditioned UnitsSave money with Reconditioned Nordson Equipment! Now you can have your existing Nordson equipment reconditioned or purchase like-new reconditioned Nordson equipment.   All recondition equipment is thoroughly tested and approved through our rigorous equipment approval process, including ensured  of mechanical functions, pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics.  Adhesive Brokers' sales and service organization stands behind every piece of reconditioned equipment. 

Exchange your current melter for one rebuilt to your specifications!



Slautterback EquipmentAdhesive Brokers stocks a complete line of replacement products to fit Slautterback® adhesive dispensing equipment.  As a previously authorized Slautterback®  Sales and Service Center;  Who better to service you than someone with experience?  Our products are compatible with and, in many instances, are improved versions of the OEM parts!  



Adhesive Feeder

ADS1 Adhesive FeederThe ADS1 automatically replenishes adhesive to the desired level in hot melt equipment.  A low level indicator sends a signal to the ADS1 that adhesive is needed.  The ADS1 then activates a venturi that draws the adhesive into a positive pressure air stream and deposits it into the hot melt unit reservoir;  eliminating adhesive oxidation, char, degradation and foreign particle contamination!


Hot Melt Replacement Parts

Hot Melt Replacement PartsAdhesive Brokers stocks a complete line of Replacement Parts, Modules, Cordsets, Thermostats, Heaters and Electric Eyes, Generators, and Gloves. As a previously authorized  Sales and Service Center;  Who better to service you than someone with experience? Replacement Parts are compatible with hotmelt equipment and in many instances are improved versions of the OEM Replacement Parts.  OUR  REPLACEMENT PARTS COME WITH A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!!


Polyethylene (PE) Hot Melt

HB Fuller HL-0765

PE hot melts are formulated for common packaging applications and light product assembly requirements.  One of our polyethylene-based hot melts for packaging is PT6005, which is a low viscosity adhesive that is extremely clean running and yields good heat resistance.  (It is not usually recommended for bonding non-porous materials such as plastics.)  It has a fast set time, machines very well in hot melt equipment and has good heat resistance.  It does not smoke, char or produce odors. Due to its low density / specific gravity, PT6005 provides better mileage than EVA-based hot melts.
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HB Fuller HL-0765

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