Glue Dots

Glue Dots Adhesives

Standard Glue Dots

Standard Glue Dots Box
A preferred alternative
to hot glues, liquid glues and tapes,
Standard Glue Dots
provide a clean, instant bond.

Stitch Pattern

The Stitch pattern
is engineered to simulate
a continuous line of adhesive.

Custom Patterns

Custom Adhesives

If a standard dispensing roll
does not meet your specifications, 
see our custom product capabilities.

Glue Squares


Some of our customers prefer
Glue Squares; all the same benefits
as Glue Dots, as squares. 

MatrX Products

The full line of MatrX products
feature a continuous pattern of
pressure sensitive adhesive micro dots.

How to Apply Glue Dots

Tired of getting Glue Dots stuck on everything but your product?     Having trouble getting the dot off the liner?
Adhesive Brokers has got you covered.   

Tack Level

Tack Level

Profile Height

Profile Height

Roll Quantity

Roll Quantity

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