Bostik’s Smart Adhesives at Pack Expo Las Vegas with Free Show Registration!

Pack Expo Las Vegas is rapidly approaching!  The show is September 28 – 30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  It promises to deliver the largest display of packaging supplies and machinery in North America in 2015.

Please stop by and visit our strategic partner Bostik in Booth S-7792 for information on their Smart Adhesives for packaging.  Bostik, a leading manufacturer of hot melt adhesives, will have representatives available at Pack Expo to discuss your specific requirements.  Bostik Smart Adhesives are formulated in several chemistries including EVA, metallocene, polyolefin, hot melt PUR, and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).

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Pack Expo Registration

Pack Expo 2015: Las Vegas, September 28-30, 2015

It’s almost time for Pack Expo 2015!  It will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 28-30, 2015.  Come join Adhesive Brokers for this event, which will feature a diverse collection of manufacturers and distributors that are dedicated to the packaging industry.   The newest technologies and best processes designed to help your company stand apart from the competition will be on display during this three-day trade show. Pack Expo promises insights into the latest trends in packaging.  Still not convinced?  Click this link for five reasons to attend:

5 Reasons to Attend Pack Expo

Adhesive Brokers is a Strategic Distributor for Glue Dots International and will be partnering with them at the show.  Whether your application for Glue Dots is consumer packaging, beverage packaging, or material handling, experts will be on hand to discuss your specific requirements.  Make sure you come by booth S-5931 to see the latest innovations including our alternative to double-sided tape.  For more information, click here.  

Glue Dots Packaging Solutions 

See you at the show!

Adhesive Solutions for Corrugated Box & Folding Carton Manufacturing

Adhesive Brokers has become one of the largest suppliers of cold glue and hot melt adhesives to corrugated box and folding carton plants in Southern California.  Contact us to find out about our adhesives for the following applications:

Bostik “Smart Adhesives” for Assembling Your Product

Are you searching for an adhesive to assemble your product?  Do you want the latest technology combined with unsurpassed quality and consistency?  Look no further than Bostik and their Smart Adhesives for the best technical solution! 

Bostik is a leading global producer of adhesives for a wide variety of product-assembly applications.  These markets include garage door assembly, filter manufacturing, insulation bonding, foam packaging, window cover assembly, RV production, as well as tape and label applications.  Adhesive technologies for these requirments include PUR, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, polyolefin, and polyamides. 

Glue Dots: Versatility for Packaging and Much More!

In 2015, Glue Dots International (GDI) has become synonymous with the packaging industry by providing quick and powerful adhesive application solutions to save time and money.  Glue Dots are available in many thicknesses and adhesive strengths and when combined with semi-automatic or fully automatic application equipment, they can be the perfect fit for your packaging operations. 

You’re probably aware of the standard dispenser box for manual applications that use Glue Dots.  Or, you might have had success with the Dot Shot Pro Applicator (DSP).  The latest hand applicator, the Quick Dot Pro (QDP), is making a tremendous impact in the beverage industry by simplifying the resealing of popped-open cartons in the field by the beverage distributor.  Ever needed to repair a product or package at the end of a production line?  The QDP is the perfect tool for that job as well, with adhesive options ranging from semi-permanent to permanent solutions.

Did you know that Glue Dots offers a complete line of automatic and semi-automatic application equipment?  Constantly innovating and improving their product line, GDI is a full solutions provider.  Please continue reading for more information.

High-Performance and Competitively Priced Adhesives for Packaging & Converting

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide has grown exponentially in recent years to become a leading global manufacturer of adhesives for packaging and converting applications.  Wisdom has hot melt and water based manufacturing plants in the Chicago area combined with water based manufacturing plants in Georgia and Nevada to efficiently serve customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.  

If you need a dextrin or resin adhesive for laminating on an Automatan or a glue lap adhesive for manufacturing a corrugated box, Wisdom has the best water-based adhesive technology available.  Additionally, Wisdom manufactures high-performance, True Metallocene-based hot melts for end-of-line packaging applications that are comparable in price to conventional EVA hot melts.

Automatan Litho-Laminating Challenge

A key customer of Adhesive Brokers, Award Packaging in Commerce, CA told us that our water-based adhesive was a little too difficult to clean up on their Automatan litho-laminating machine.  We immediately contacted the lead technical resource for the adhesive manufacturer and were pleased to learn they had seen this issue before and were able to provide an immediate remedy.

Beverage Packaging & Labeling

Hot melt adhesive technologies for beverage packaging and labeling continue to evolve.  Many beverage manufacturers are now using newer metallocene-based adhesive technologies for their tray making, carton sealing and case closure.

Metallocene-based adhesives provide many benefits that include improved mileage, reduced application rates and they are more "equipment-friendly" so adhesive equipment downtime is virtually eliminated.  A more recent development with metallocene based hot melt technology is that it is used in newer bottle labeling adhesives and thus many of the benefits of metallocene are now available for this important application.

Hot Melt Glue Guns or Nozzles Leaking or Stringing?

Hot melt adhesive customers regularly ask us what causes their glue guns or nozzles to leak or string.  Some refer to the stringing as “angel hair” because of the thin hair-like webbing of adhesive that accumulates on their packaging machinery.  This issue can be a simple housekeeping issue easily maintained or it can be severe enough to cause production downtime.  There are many things that can cause leaking and stringing.   Here are the common causes.

Automatan Labeling Adhesives That Perform

At Adhesive Brokers, our primary goal is to help customers solve their problems relating to adhesives.  Whether you're testing a new application or trying to improve an existing process, we partner with you to get the most out of today's adhesive technologies.

A year ago, we got the call to help out at a Southern California-based corrugated box and folding carton plant with a litho laminating application. 

PUR, EVA and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Bookbinding

Are you a bookbinding company doing traditional high-volume perfect binding on a Kolbus or Muller-Martini perfect binder?  Or, maybe you're binding digital printed books on newer and smaller perfect binding machines from Horizon, Duplo USA or C.P. Bourg.   Regardless of your bookbinding requirements, Adhesive Brokers is ready to help you source the highest quality bookbinding adhesives for every machine and situation.
Whether you are looking for common EVA hot melt adhesives for spine gluing or PUR for more demanding spine gluing including Xerox iGen paper, we have the solutions.  We also have pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives for side gluing.  We couple expertise with our adhesives to help you meet the needs of your customers.  Call us today to discuss the latest technology for your specific requirements!  (800) 820-0288

Mapei Discontinues Ultrabond Turf 577

For years, Mapei has been a market leader in manufacturing commercial-grade synthetic turf adhesives.  Their adhesives have been used to install synthetic turf in professional sports complexes as well as high school and college sports fields all around the world.  Mapei adhesives have proven performance and reliability under the most extreme conditions. 

The Mapei Corporation has recently consolidated their product line in an ongoing effort to maximize efficiencies and keep costs low for the consumer.  Therefore, Ultrabond Turf 577 has been discontinued.  This one-part adhesive was green in color and specifically designed for residential applications.  Consumers now have two adhesive options for residential turf.

Hot Melt System Innovation Eliminates Char and Related Production Downtime While Improving Safety

Tired of char in your hot melt systems causing unscheduled downtime due to clogged nozzles and filters?  Losing too much production time waiting for your Nordson, ITW Dynatec, HMT or Slautterback hot melt equipment to warm up to operating temperature?  Is it costing you too much in plant labor to have production personnel constantly refill hot melt tanks?  Concerned about the safety of your employees due to their exposure to 350° F. molten adhesive?

If these symptoms or concerns sound familiar, there is an exciting new innovation in hot melt equipment that eliminates these issues.  It’s the InvisiPac system from Graco, a leading manufacturer of fluid handling and dispensing systems.

Metallocene-Based Hot Melt Adhesives

Are you curious about metallocene-based hot melt adhesives for packaging?  Wondering if this newer adhesive technology is the best option for your specific application requirements?  Trying to decide if you can justify converting from conventional EVA-based hot melt to metallocene hot melt?  Here are some important considerations.  Whether you spell it “metallocene” or “metalocene,” these adhesive formulas are the absolute highest performing adhesive technologies available for packaging.  Metallocene-based hot melt adhesives virtually eliminate production downtime because they do not char like EVA-based hot melts so clogging of nozzles and filters are eliminated. 

Certified Professional Manufacturer's Representative

CPMR LogoOur firm believes in the value of professional development and has a Certified Professional Manufacturers Representatives (CPMR) on staff. Three years of executive education provides an understanding of how to run an effective and forward-thinking rep firm. Our customers, manufacturers, distributors, and employees all benefit from this knowledge. For more information go to: CPMR            

Adhesive Manufacturers' Representative

Adhesive Brokers is a manufacturers' representative company serving the industrial adhesive industry. We offer our customers the widest variety of adhesive technologies available through the many diverse manufacturers we represent. Simply put, we act as a liaison between the manufacturer and the customer. There are no middleman “up charges” because our customers buy directly from the manufacturer. This allows for our manufacturers’ sales costs to be substantially lower than those of competitive adhesive manufacturers with expensive direct employee sales forces.

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